Mimi Peterson
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2-D Assemblage
The X-Ray Paintings recognize copying as a creative process and reflect on the definition of uniqueness in a world full of imitations. A clear aspect of the series is its repetitious use of x-ray film. Brought to life, the dark veneer of film acts as an impersonal signifier of technological change. The series is preoccupied with serial copying, as is mass production of objects and the duplication of images. At a glance, the narrative is about sameness, monotony, multiples.

As my personal communicator, the works present a portrait of an obsolete, dying 91 year man, my father. Up close, each color nuanced, painting has its own intimate character and calls for a response, as if to say "Look at Me". In my attempt to identify what is original or a knock-off, I have copied myself. Implicit in the notion of self-copying is the idea of improvement. Imitation by others is meant as a compliment, "en homage" to the originator, while appropriation can be a parody. My copy capacity is infinite - yesterday's film negative, today's Facebook page, tomorrow's re-design to transcend mimesis.